The benefits of using the Voice Stress Polygraph

  • More hygienic

  • More subject-friendly and less intimidating

  • Doesn’t use any physical attachments

  • It’s a much newer technology than the polygraph test

  • The only possible countermeasure is for the subject to be silent

  • All results are conclusive

  • Alcohol, drugs, age and health will not impact the results

  • Result charts show and quantify stress patterns.

How does the Voice Stress Polygraph work?

The Voice Stress Polygraph system records the human voice using a microphone, and the technology is based on the tenet that the non-verbal, low-frequency content of the voice conveys information about the physiological and psychological state of the speaker. This method uses technology that analyses vocal patterns and highlights areas where the speaker is stressed. However, unlike a polygraph, this is not done through any physical attachments.

We make use of AVSAPRO technology. AVSAPRO utilises the Lippold microtremor of voice to deliver accurate and reliable results.

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